1st Annual Atlantis Kayaks Corn Roast Dinner on New Castle Island

Hello family, friends, and fellow paddlers,

We realize this is short notice and a long weekend to boot, we would like to invite you to the 1st Annual Atlantis Kayaks Corn Roast Dinner on New Castle Island which will be held on Saturday September 4th.

We came up with this grand idea that we could set this date in hopes that we could also cheer Joe O’Blenis in upon his hopeful record breaking return to Nanaimo . Joe started his solo paddle around Vancouver Island on Aug 19th at 8:08 AM from Brechin boat launch in Nanaimo . He is trying to beat Seam Morley’s record of 17 days, 4 hours and 49 minutes and reclaim his title to circumnavigate this beautiful Island .

Now, even if Joe does not return on this date, we can still enjoy what Newcastle Island has to offer along with some food and fun. Some are planning a race around Newcastle Island , however, you could explore the many trails around Newcastle or simply relax on the grounds taking in the views from Newcastle and make a weekend of it. Newcastle Island does still have camping sites available. Please view link for Newcastle for more info. www.newcastleisland.ca If some of you are in need of a kayak or gear let us know and we will see what we can arrange for you.

Travel options to get to Newcastle Island are to paddle or boat across from Nanaimo (Brechin boat launch) or to take the passenger ferry from Nanaimo water front at Swy-a-Lana Lagoon. Info on ferry is also on Newcastle website.

The dinner will start at 5:30 PM and will be held at shelter 2 & 3 (reserved for this event). If you are interested in joining in on our Corn Roast Dinner the fee will be $10/person and $5/child. Camping fees will be covered by Atlantis Kayaks.

We will be serving CORN (as much as you can eat or when we run out), chicken salad, buns, veggies & dip, and for dessert – cookies & squares. Some beverages will be provided such as water, juice, coffee, and tea.

Please RSVP by Thursday Sept 2nd as we will need to know how much food to prepare and bring.

We hope you can join in and together we can make this a fun filled day and hopefully celebrated return for Joe.


Robin & Karen

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